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              1. Product Center


                product name:NYLON 6 SLICE

                Executive Standard:FzT51004-201

                Product Details

                Product Name:Nylon 6 Slice              

                Executive Standard:FzT51004-201

                Test itemsunitstandardparameter
                Terminal aminoMmol/kg43+344.72
                Extractable substance%<0.450.35
                Ash content%0.28±0.030.29
                Water content%<0.05500.042

                Nylon 6 Slice, CAS No. 25038-54-, molecular formula is -[NH(CH2)5CO]-n, soluble in phenol and hot concentrated sulfuric acid, excellent electrical insulation performance, good alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, The most abrasion resistant fiber in synthetic fibers. Can be used for spinning civilian silk, underwear, socks, shirts, etc.; for spinning industrial yarn, tire cords, canvas lines, parachutes, insulation materials, fishing nets, safety belts, etc.

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